The list of quotes about education is endless. Many people who have changed the world have done it through education. It is clear that the value of education will remain the same regardless of time. Below is a list of how education can improve our lives;

1. It increases the chances of your success. As time moves by economies worldwide are becoming more knowledge-based. Education is the first weapon to showcase potential. It is the key to more job opportunities and better career. Lack of it translates to fewer opportunities and less prosperity.

2. It enables you to acquire high self-esteem and equips you for future challenges. Students who juggle between their jobs and education get even more prepared to face future challenges. You are also able to compete in new places even in new countries.

3. Education enables advancement. With the constant need for better technologies, education is the hope of achieving that.

4. Education is a tool for eradicating poverty. In families with little or no education, knowledge to one member has been seen to bring light to the whole family. The educated member gets better opportunities hence helping reduce poverty in their the family.

Benefits of Colleges Close To Me

1. Better earnings

College education enables you to land a better job which will in return get you better pay. Most casual jobs that don’t require a college education do not pay well.

2. Lower unemployment rate

With a college education, your chances of getting a job are more improved. Many companies need skills that colleges offer and having no college education gets you out of the list of potential employees.
3. Pension plan

According to a study in 2011, employers had 52% of their full-time employees in a pension scheme. A retirement plan makes your life more comfortable at retirement. Because of the increased chances of getting a job, you are also able to plan your pension out of your earnings.

4. Healthy insurance.

Hospitals are becoming increasingly expensive especially getting specialized services. Some employers get a medical cover for their employees which is an added advantage.

5. Better decision making

In addition to the knowledge acquired, college education enables you to think critically and make informed decisions. You can foresee the outcomes of some things and also weigh the pros and cons.

Classification of Colleges Near Me

They are in two broad categories; 4-year colleges and 2-year colleges.

4-year colleges

These colleges mainly offer bachelor’s degrees. The duration of the courses is mostly in four years of full-time study. Contrary to the name, many students extend their program to five years. Depending on the students choice, some take summer or online classes and end up completing their studies in a period of less than four years. Some of these colleges may offer masters degree as well. Examples of 4-year colleges include; Public and private universities, career colleges offering bachelor’s degrees and liberal arts colleges. Some of these colleges offer online degrees, and one does not have to attend the classes at the college physically.

After completion of 120 to 130 academic credits, the students are eligible to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students with an associate degree are also considered this program. They can transfer a portion of their credits to their bachelor’s degree.

Types of students in colleges close to me

Many factors determine the types of students you are likely to meet in a particular school. The factors are;

(i) Types of programs offered- Schools with high regard for creative disciplines like art and music will draw different students from those of disciplines such as engineering

(ii) Type of school- Some schools are gender specific. They could be all female, male or both sexes.

(iii) Type of students- According to the historical background, some colleges could be majorly for blacks or students active in the military.

(iv) Fresh students out of high school

(v) Family men and women

(Vi) Students already in careers

(Vii) students who have completed their associate degrees- These students are in 4-year colleges close to you.

Reasons to why you should choose a 4-year college near me

(i) To prepare for graduate school

It will help prepare you academically for your masters if you are planning to get to that level. If the same college offers postgraduate programs, you get a chance to learn more about them before enrolling.

(ii) A well-rounded education.

Colleges offer courses in many areas. The exposure gained helps you to figure out and specialize exactly in your area of interest. It also helps them widen their academic knowledge.

(iii) Eligibility for your dream job

Many entry level positions require a bachelor’s degree. The academic skills acquired in a 4-year college will give you an entry ticket for your job on top of relevant academic knowledge.

(iV) More money

Many companies pay more for degree holders compared to diploma holders and associate degree holders.

How to make a choice of a 4-year college close to me

The following are some of the factors to consider before settling for a 4-year university near you;

1. Your interest- Start by finding out what exactly your interest is.

Liberal art colleges are a good choice for you if you are interested in a variety of subjects. They require you to study many disciplines like political science, history or even a foreign language as you focus on your major.

2. The type of 4-year college you are seeking

Public colleges tend to be less expensive compared to private ones. They are also larger.

3. The type of skill or trade

If you are already sure of the particular skill you want, consider joining a vocation or trade school. These schools offer general academic education along with career specific education.

4. Type of degree or mode of learning

Different colleges offer various degrees. You should find out the college that provides a course of your choice. If you are interested in studying online, you should also know which colleges can offer the degree you want online.

5. Your level of commitment.

If you are undecided on the degree you want to pursue, are not sure of your commitment for the required period, or unable to fund your education, a bachelor’s degree will not be the best option.

2-year college

They typically offer certificate and associate degree programs. They prepare students for a particular career or transfer to a 4-year university.


To join, you need a high school diploma or GED.

Examples of 2-year colleges

These colleges include;

(i) Technical colleges

(ii) Community junior colleges

(iii) Community colleges

(iv) Accredited 2-year proprietary schools

(v)Branches of 4-year colleges that focus on associate degrees.

(i) To prepare for graduate school

Why you should choose a 2-year college close to me

(i) It will help prepare you academically for a 4-year bachelor’s degree if you are planning to the level.

(ii) It is relatively cheaper compared to a 4-year college especially when you don’t have enough funds.

(iii) If confused on the career path, you want to follow.

(iv) Limited commitment period- In some arrangements, a 2-year program just like the 4-year program can go for less than two years. This time gives room for other plans.

The factors to consider when choosing a 2-year college near you are very much similar to a 4-year university near you. Regardless of the period of college, it important for everyone to get a college education. In both circumstances, the life of the people is made better, and there is more development which is important for both the individuals, the community, the country and the world as a whole.